Game 3 – Outnumbered

Game 3 – Outnumbered

GAME 3 – Outnumbered

Age 7+  |  1 – 6 Players  |  10 minutes


Survive the Zombie attack and save the Heroes before they are ‘Outnumbered’.

Getting Ready

Hero Cards
Shuffle the Hero deck and place it face down near the playing area.

Zombies Cards
Shuffle all the Zombie Cards into a face down deck next to the playing area.

4 Dice
Place the 4 game Dice within easy reach of all players

Item Cards
Shuffle the item cards into the Zombie deck.

Event Cards (These are optional)
Shuffle the events cards into the Zombie deck.

Stopwatch or clock
Set your stopwatch if you want to time your game.


1. Decide how many Heroes & Zombies you want to play with.
We suggest 4 Heroes in a two player game, 5-6 in a three player game. (Minimum 2 Heroes)

2. Shuffle the Zombie cards, including Items & Event cards together.

3. Place a Hero card on the playing surface and deal out 6 Zombie cards above the Hero as shown.
Turn the bottom 3 Zombie cards face up. If any items are revealed, ‘give’ them to the hero (place them next to the Hero card). Replace any Item cards moved this way with a card from the Zombie deck. (Each Hero can ‘hold’ up to two Items).

Continue until the row above each Hero card only contains Zombies (As shown).

If an Event cards appears, immediately read the card text and follow the instructions.

Do this for each Hero card you are using in the game.

4. Put the remaining Zombie cards in a face down stack, this stack is called the Zombie Deck.

5. Choose who will be the First Player.

Let’s Play

Start the clock!

Players take it in turn to destroy Zombies by rolling & combining their dice to match the numbers on the Zombie cards. Use Item cards at any time to help you.

When a Zombie is destroyed, remove it from play and put it face up in a Zombie Graveyard discard pile.

Immediately replace it with a card from the Zombie deck.

Try to use all your dice to destroy Zombies. For each dice you fail to use, you must flip over a face-down Zombie card!  

If 6 Zombies are revealed around one Hero, that Hero is Outnumbered and flees. Remove that Hero along with any items from the game. Put the Zombies that Outnumbered the Hero into the Zombie Graveyard discard pile.

To win you must empty the Zombie deck & destroy all Zombies in play.

If there are no Heroes left, you lose!

Not sure about the rules? Need some help with your game?

Get in touch and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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