Game 2 – Transformation

Game 2 – Transformation


Age 7+  |  1 – 6 Players  |  20 minutes


Transform the Heroes back into Human form and destroy the remaining Zombies!

Getting Ready

Transformation Cards
These cards are used to flip back and forth between Heroes and Zombies

Zombie Cards
Pick which Zombies you’d like to play against. This can either be the entire deck, or just certain Times Tables you’d like to practice.

Item Cards
Shuffle all Item Cards into their own deck.

4 Dice and a Stopwatch or Clock
Grab the 4 included Dice and set up a clock or stopwatch if you’d like to time your game!


1. Shuffle the 7 Item cards. Deal 4 out at random, face up, so all players can see them. Put the remaining 3 items away, you won’t be using them in this game.

2. Place a Hero Transformation card, Zombie side up, on top of each Item card as shown. 

3. Shuffle & deal out 12, face up Zombie cards, laid out in a grid as shown.

4. Put the remaining Zombie cards in a face down stack. This stack is called the Zombie Deck.

5. Choose who will be the First Player.

Let’s Play

Start the clock!

Players take it in turn to destroy Zombies by rolling & combining their dice to match the numbers on the Zombie cards. Use Item cards at any time to help you.

For each unused dice, add a new Zombie card from the Zombie Deck into play.

You’ve won when all the Zombies in play are destroyed.

Bonus! Take 1 minute off your time for each unused Item card you have left.

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