Use your brains to

Battle zombies

Times Square is an exciting, cooperative maths card game that makes learning and practising times tables fast and fun. Team up, play together, and clear Times Square of Zombies!
1 to 6 players  |  10-20 mins  |  Age 7+

Video Review

Teacher and Gamer, Craig Thompson Wood shares his thoughts on Times Square including a short overview of how to play

Works with Children of any maths ability

Times Square is the perfect blend of entertainment and education.

Love maths or hate maths, playing this maths card game makes learning times tables exciting and fun, even for children who struggle with maths, lack confidence or are maths adverse.

Times Square is Ideal for classrooms

Use the maths you know

Combine dice in any way you can think of; add, subtract, multiply, and divide. The design of the game allows players of mixed maths ability to happily play together.
Perfect for less confident mathematicians and those who need check their sums

We've got your back

Every Zombie card has a Targeting Wheel to help less confident players (including adults!) with a hint or two showing useful number combinations.
Unlike most 'Maths Games' in Times Square there are no wrong answers!

Non-Threatening Learning

Times Square makes maths fun for everybody. There are no wrong answers to make you feel stupid. Everyone playing helps each other, working together to win.
A maths games that rewards players as their maths skills improve

Maths by Stealth

Times Square is a “Maths by Stealth” game. Children won’t know they’re learning their times tables when they’re busy rolling dice, having fun, and battling Zombies!


“A brilliant little game that uses dice and my mental facilities to send zombies back to the graveyard. This maths game is fun and challenging, and a treat for those who are in secondary school to reinforce numeracy, or for older people like me to enjoy stretching our minds.”

Mr Rahman


” We would recommend this as a family game. You can make your calculations as hard or easy as you can manage in your head. You can use multiplication, addition, subtraction, squares, etc. to defeat a zombie. It really gets your mind working

Welkers – Amazon


“I bought this game for my son, who’s in Yr 3 at the moment. He likes maths and I just wanted to find an extra fun activity to speed up the process of learning times tables. This game is exactly what I was looking for.”

Odegova Yulia


Brilliant game for the classroom I’ve used this game very successfully with years 7, 8, and 9. The kids love that it’s fun, and I love that they’re practising basic numeracy and number fluency – without complaint!”

Maths Teacher

A game that makes maths fun for everyone
Aliens, Zombies, Heroes, Items, Events, and Dice!
Team up and work together to win

How does it work?

The aim of the game is to clear all the Zombies out of Times Square as fast as you can.

Combine dice using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Even squaring and square roots can be used to reach the number on the Zombie card to ‘defeat it’.

Times Square is fast and fun, and playing is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

Roll your dice and battle Aliens and Zombies!

1. Roll your dice

Take turns to roll the dice! All players work together to find the best dice combination to defeat Zombies.
Combine your dice to defeat the Zombies

2. Combine your dice

Add, subtract, multiply, and divide your dice to make a result that matches the number on a Zombie card to defeat it!
Destroy as many Zombies as you can each turn!

3. Defeat Zombies!

Different dice can be used to hit more than one Zombie on your go!  Flip any defeated Zombie cards face down.

A Game that makes Maths fun for everyone

“The kids love the game and want to play it everyday since we got it.”

Welkers – Amazon

A 63 strength Zombie and some dice
Times Square maths game box and contents
IG Educational and Family Game Award - Best Maths Game Winner
Times Square Maths Game is recommend by National Numeracy badge

Learn your times tables as you play

Times Square is a maths card game that’s designed to help children understand, apply, and practise their times tables in a fun, supportive, and non-threatening way. It’s the perfect blend of entertainment and education.

Players work together to defeat the Zombies by rolling and combining dice and using addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and even squaring, and square roots to match the number on the Zombie card. If they can match the number, that Zombie is destroyed!

Times Square is the perfect maths card game for school maths lessons, maths clubs, or for home education with the family to sneakily improve maths skills!

Top Marks for this maths Card game


In Times Square, everyone either wins or loses together. Cooperative play ensures confident players can support teammates who are struggling, suggesting different ways of using the dice, or game tactics, but the final decision is always left to the current player!

Play against the game, not each other

In Times Square, everyone either wins or loses together. Cooperative play ensures confident players can support teammates who are struggling, suggesting different ways of using the dice, or game tactics, but the final decision is always left to the current player!

Game on!

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We’ll show you how you battle Aliens and Zombies, tell you about the different cards you get in the game and more!

3 games in 1

Game 1 – The Invasion Begins

Game 1 – The Invasion Begins

The invasion has begun! Game 1 is the perfect place to start your Zombie number crunching!
1 – 6 Players | Age 7+ | 10+ Minutes

Game 2 – Transformation

Game 2 – Transformation

Transformation! Game 2 ups the difficulty more as you try to transform Zombies back into humans!
1 – 6 Players | Age 7+ | 20+ Minutes

Game 3 – Outnumbered

Game 3 – Outnumbered

You’re outnumbered! This game mode has you save the heroes while surviving the Zombie horde!
1 – 6 Players | Age 7+ | 10+ Minutes

Did you know…

• Times Square is a complete maths card game and comes with everything you need to play.

You can use cards from Times Square with the City of Zombies board game and vice versa. Some of the icons on the Zombie cards are only used in City of Zombies.

There are 3 different maths card games included, and each game can be made easier or harder with a few simple changes to the rules, it’s all in the rulebook.

You can play competitively if you want. Each player collects the Zombies that they defeat. The player who has defeated the most Zombies at the end of the game is the winner.

We’ve worked with Colour Blind Awareness to ensure that Times Square (and City of Zombies) works with all types of colour blindness.

Book a Maths games day at your school

Book a fun day of maths games for your school or home education group!

We have a range of maths card games to get your classes or Home Ed group engaged and excited about maths with City of Zombies, Times Square, or for younger gamers, Alana’s Animals. These maths games are an extremely powerful way for children to practice their mental arithmetic, times tables, and help improve numeracy through play.

The Maths day will be hosted by award-winning games designer, Matthew Tidbury. Matthew has been developing educational board games at his company, ThinkNoodle Games, for over 12 years.
Times Square is designed to work with the National Curriculum, has been recommended by National Numeracy, and is a powerful learning tool that makes maths fun.
Kids pretending to be Zombies!

“I was inspired to create a times tables maths card game that worked in a similar way to my first maths game, City of Zombies. I’d been asked if I could create a times tables game with Zombies that go up to 144, which is what Times Square focuses on.

I wanted a game that could be easily carried around and was quick to set up and play. Times Square is perfect for a quick 10 to 20 minute game for 1 to 6 players”

Matthew Tidbury ~ ThinkNoodle Games

Playing Times Square allows children practice and apply the 12 times table in a fun, engaging, and entertaining way. Anyone can play using the maths they know, while the game encourages and rewards players for learning new maths skills at the same time.

The game is perfect to play at home, in game, or after school clubs. It is used in primary and secondary schools across the UK and beyond!

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ThinkNoodle Games is an independent games publisher founded by award-winning designer, Matthew Tidbury.
ThinkNoodle focuses on creating powerful educational tools hidden within exciting and engaging games.

ThinkNoodle Games is always busy developing a range of educational games with the help of parents, teachers, educational organisations and authorities.

If you’d like to find out more about our games, philosophy, and outreach, head on over to ThinkNoodle Games.


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